Our Finnish Demo:

The English demos will be out in May 2010.  

Bitlips is the leading speech technology company in Finland. We are best known for our TTS solutions.

Bitlips has created a Welsh voice called Owen. [EXTERNAL LINK: SALTCYMRU] The SAPI5 complaint end-user version of Owen will be released in summer 2010. In future Owen will become a bilingual voice capable of speaking English as well. Contact person for Welsh TTS is Nicholas Volk (+358 40 7077723, nvolk at bitlips dot fi). You can already listen to Owen in our Welsh TTS demo page and in various talking websties powered by Voicecorp's ReadSpeaker service, such as SaltCymru.

EBU: Finnish public broadcaster YLE will be providing a voice subtitling service in Finnish for the visually impaired and people with reading difficulties on the YLE TV1 digital channel as of 29 August [2005]. Finnish subtitling of foreign programmes will be heard in the form of synthesized speech. [EXTERNAL LINK]

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